The nerd's jock (boyxboy)

The nerd's jock (boyxboy)

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It's highschool, where the most clichéd thing happen without our control. Where a jock finds himself willing to kneel at a nerds feet. Which twists the whole thing around as events begin to happen, emotions escalated, danger lurking in the corner with a devious smile, pasts hidden and love not so far behind with difficult ways to express it with everything else.

Follow Jacob or Jake, the jock and Dimitrius, the not so ordinary nerd on their clichéd jock/nerd highschool tragic lovestory, because really, that's what it is in highschool.

Until the last day... Maybe.

I looked at the cover story and I was like damn bitch you fine XDDD
jfnldbl jfnldbl Jul 10
Everybody is like whoa or well then and I'm like boy u gay as hell do be lyin
AnRur87 AnRur87 Oct 29
Dimitrius Strawberry. Dimitrius Blueberry. Dimitrius Raspberry.
                              Sorry, I just can't hold muself :1
This is me avoiding this boy i have/had a crush on. Idek why i do it
shipstosail24 shipstosail24 5 days ago
Denial isn't just a river and being gay isn't the only way to be attracted to the opposite gender you could be bi poly or (like myself)pan!
If you can't talk to some boy, you wouldn't jump into shark infested water. Get real.