The nerd's jock (boyxboy)

The nerd's jock (boyxboy)

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It's highschool, where the most clichéd thing happen without our control. Where a jock finds himself willing to kneel at a nerds feet. Which twists the whole thing around as events begin to happen, emotions escalated, danger lurking in the corner with a devious smile, pasts hidden and love not so far behind with difficult ways to express it with everything else.

Follow Jacob or Jake, the jock and Dimitrius, the not so ordinary nerd on their clichéd jock/nerd highschool tragic lovestory, because really, that's what it is in highschool.

Until the last day... Maybe.

"I'm not in any way a homosexual."
                              *15 seconds later*
                              "I wonder how my dude Master would feel."
                              *20 seconds before*
                              "I want to submit to this man."
                              Yea yea. EVERY straight man/boy says this on a daily
I think you really like to have interesting names for at least of the MC's or both....I need to know how do you come up with these names....
I want a boy I don't know to dick me down but I'm not homosexual #nohomo
BAD3039 BAD3039 May 14
The way he talks and acts gives him a nerd and gay vibe instead of a jock vibe....
Amazing. I love it. Lemme rest in peace. Read this when I die.
Whoa....dam.... this is the first book I have read with the word Master in it.