Flames And Tears (Avatar The Last Airbender : Zuko love story)

Flames And Tears (Avatar The Last Airbender : Zuko love story)

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Princess Mia and Princess Yue were twin sisters and the Princesses of the Northern Watertribe. As infants, Mia and Yue were originally born with black hair, but due to an unknown illness, asleep when born, their parents feared they'd die. The Moon Spirit gifted Mia and Yue with a part of it's own life force which saved their lives, turning their hair white.

After some time, Team Avatar arrive at the Northern Watertribe, seeking Aang a waterbending teacher. Soon, after Aang's training, Team Avatar's presence only causes the fire nation to approach and only bring harm and war to the watertribe. 

While Princess Yue, Katara, Sokka take Aang to meditate, Princess Mia stays with her people and fights the fire nation, only for something horrid to backfire. Literally.

After the death of Mia's twin, she soon joins Team Avatar, in hopes of helping them destroy Firelord Ozai.

But enough of that. Read to find out how Princess Mia and Prince Zuko, son of fire lord Ozai, meet.

Zuko Love Story [[I ONLY OWN MIA]]

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