Music Room (Shu x Reader)

Music Room (Shu x Reader)

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'Why do I need to suffer?' You thought as the tears made its way down your face. Your precious camera was banging against your chest as you ran away from, your family, your friends, everyone.

You pushed the first door you spot in a hallway with no people, thinking it was the bathroom. 

But no, instead it was the music room. Nobody played there that much, so you thought you were alone. 

You slumped to one of the empty chairs and took out your phone. You went to your usual playlist and cried harder as it played. 

It was a few minutes before someone yanked your earphones. 

"Shut up."

(AN: Hello! It's my AU Shu x Reader! If you're not fond of unrealistic things then don't read this, it's a short fanfic. 

cover made by @skyestorms :D

Highest Rank: #266 Short Story 3/4/15 :) )

Subaru-san_8 Subaru-san_8 Aug 13, 2016
I have a dew pic like that too... okay maybe a more than few.... ok alot
NaKhiaMukami NaKhiaMukami Sep 15, 2016
soooooooooo im a stoker..........................nothing has changed for me
Luqcka Luqcka May 28, 2016
Well I guess I do have a collection of the anime guys I like...... -COUGH- -COUGH-
Britishandswaggy Britishandswaggy Aug 12, 2016
A girl in my school did this and cropped herself in the pic😂😂😂
bloodyfox09 bloodyfox09 Jun 22, 2016
Well I guess I'm a stalker now *gets a pic of shu and hugs it*
Milkboi Milkboi Oct 04, 2016
I love how everyone is weired out by this but I'm like "I take pictures of the ppl I stalk everyday, so uhhh." I mean who doesnt secretly take pics of there crush or pretty ppl