The Ashworth boys

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lovepink3000 By lovepink3000 Updated 4 years ago
life is hard as it is without having to take all the abuseness and being rapeed by your own father, but what if the police comes to your step telling you that you would be living with some strangers you never new and probebly would have to live for two years with. Is life going to be once and for all setted dawn or is there something called a gang after little zorta-it. 
    Come have a look at the life of Zorta-it with the life of her and the Ashworths boys. Eight of them all together.  And somewhere in the journey is the word love going to be or is it a never to happen thing a forbidden spell put uopn her to never happen.
whn u write in Spanish can u please write the English translation in parenthesis please nd thank u
when you write in spanish do you mind writting the enlglish in parenthesis of whatever you said in spanish
I just have to do you pronounce her name?? Oh! And I'm totally digging the story so far :) great job!