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RavensOrchid Ⓜ️ By RavensOrchid Updated Dec 31, 2015

"She's mine, I'll have her any way I want. I'll catch her. She won't be able to run when I find her." Tristan's voice was menacing, chilling all those that heard to the bone.  A pack warrior passed through the main hall then.
"Alpha Kross, she's been spotted." He said bowing his head in respect not wanting to feel the wrath of the angry man. 
"No one follow, I can do this on my own." He said in a harsh tone while picking up the gun that was loaded with WolfsBane bullets, powerful enough to knock down anyone.  Tristan's dark blue eyes swirled with determination, his wolf was ready to track her down. "Any way I want." He muttered to himself.

Personalityforlife13 Personalityforlife13 May 30, 2016
My phone is being stupid and won't let me vote. 😟 Just pretend that I votes okay?
spannely spannely Aug 01, 2016
LOL... When I saw the S.M at the bottom of the cover I couldn't help but think of S & M.... *cue evil laugh*
starsraining starsraining Apr 01, 2016
When I think of Galloway and werewolf I think of Luke from the mortal instruments
honeyasher honeyasher Apr 30, 2016
You know a book's gonna be good if you can imagine what it's describing....I applaud you on this first paragraph...
Poppyturtle Poppyturtle Jul 06, 2014
I like this boooookk girl run if u fall crawl like you've never crawled before jk jk
hola101 hola101 Apr 18, 2014
THE DESCRIPTION MAKE U WANT TO READ IT !!!! I like the first chapter so far...keep up the good work