Her Heart's Keeper (GirlxGirl)

Her Heart's Keeper (GirlxGirl)

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"You have a place in her heart that I could never erase no matter how hard I'll try, " Italy spoke through gritted teeth, her anger starting to overtake her, "that is why I am giving you the chance to leave. Go back to your kingdom. Forget this place. This pack. Forget about my mate."

The grey-eyed woman only smirked, not in any way fazed by the Alpha's threat, "I," she emphasized, "am giving you the chance to leave, and along the way, I want you to get through your thick skull that she is not your mate, but mine. MINE! And she will come back with me, to my kingdom, where she truly belongs."

"That's it. I will fucking kill you." Italy growled, her body convulsing, unable to control the raging wolf that wants to take control.

"Why don't we settle this officially, fair and square." The grey-eyed woman snarled, "I, Jade, am challenging you, Italy Summers, to a battle of death...for Jennifer."

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Well, hope you forever receive the spikes from the other team with your face
I love it already cuz of Kenzi like she is bae!! N Bo!!! Dayum!!!
I see...
                              Please tell me this isn't headed in the direction I think its headed in.
Well that's stupid, they can't even hurt a human for self defence?
Aaaaaannnnndd....wait for iiiiiiiittt.............REJECTION!!!
Hello, don't mind me, I'm just slowly drowning myself in werewolf stories again. *whistles as I sink myself further into the abyss that is known as werewolf stories*