SO THIS IS WHAT THEY CALL LOVE(Modern!Sasuke x Reader)[Rewriting]

SO THIS IS WHAT THEY CALL LOVE(Modern!Sasuke x Reader)[Rewriting]

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Nisu By TheFlamingphoenix Updated Oct 11

Your mother and sister left you a long time ago. Your father works in Paris leaving you all alone in Japan.
Finally, it was your first day for your 3rd year highschool and while on your way, you met an anonymous guy with a weird haircut, like a duck's butt. You two got into a silly argument about the onigiri food and after escaping him, when you finally thought it was over, It was just the beginning, because he is the new student in Konoha Highschool.

Will something develop between you two? Will someone interfere? Five words,
Read it to find out.


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"Beautiful and sexy/curvy figure."
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WHERE'S TEMARI AND TENTEN!? Oh well, it's Hinata and Ino, I'll be fine.