Her Mistake Was My Gain (MxM) Book 2

Her Mistake Was My Gain (MxM) Book 2

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(Book 2 from The Wait Is Over)

My wife cheated and left me and my kids to be with her new love, how did this happen? In a blink of an eye I became a single full time working father..

When my brother announces that his husband and him have to go out of town for the whole summer, I begin looking for a babysitter..
That's when my world is turn upside down, I never knew I could feel the way my kid's babysitter is making me feel again!...Should I let it happen? Or should I will it away.

Can I open my heart and love someone? What if they abandon me again?

Trailer for this enjoy! http://youtu.be/smfRL8EsSgQ

Dirty baffon who does not shawer aftrr a long sweaty day of work
NnekaZari NnekaZari Apr 17
Shout out to all the single parents, fathers and mothers alike, that take care of theirs. 🙇
2 kinds of people^^ The Bones kind, and then the Angel kind😂
McPetty McPetty Jul 01
I bet she got the gift from the grandma. Just wait and watch her grow up and be all wise and knowing and shít.
izzyduzit16 izzyduzit16 Jun 18, 2016
Good point or naw my child will be spanked for talking back like that, #hellnaw
QueenOfAtlantis QueenOfAtlantis Feb 05, 2016
When my sister was seven, she already knew about cheating and stuff like that. But then again, she believed me when I said marbles are baby dragon eggs that take 100 years to grow and that I take night lessons at Hogwarts, so...