Her Mistake Was My Gain (MxM) Book 2

Her Mistake Was My Gain (MxM) Book 2

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(Book 2 from The Wait Is Over)

My wife cheated and left me and my kids to be with her new love, how did this happen? In a blink of an eye I became a single full time working father..

When my brother announces that his husband and him have to go out of town for the whole summer, I begin looking for a babysitter..
That's when my world is turn upside down, I never knew I could feel the way my kid's babysitter is making me feel again!...Should I let it happen? Or should I will it away.

Can I open my heart and love someone? What if they abandon me again?

Trailer for this enjoy! http://youtu.be/smfRL8EsSgQ

izzyduzit16 izzyduzit16 Jun 18
Good point or naw my child will be spanked for talking back like that, #hellnaw
When my sister was seven, she already knew about cheating and stuff like that. But then again, she believed me when I said marbles are baby dragon eggs that take 100 years to grow and that I take night lessons at Hogwarts, so...
Bored_Rocky Bored_Rocky Apr 22
OMG I am In a state of shock right now!!! I have seen this book before  but I never thought it would be the second book to such an amazing book!!!
Kids are awesome! My niece asked me when I was 15 if I'd ever find a girlfriend. To her dismay I married a man
clarinetlover clarinetlover Dec 19, 2015
His kids are wise beyond their years I'll say that much😇😇😇
MadzMendraz MadzMendraz Oct 19, 2014
Ohh... so that kid was Nate nyehehhe... I didn't see that one coming :D