Handcuffed By Your Side - Light x L

Handcuffed By Your Side - Light x L

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YandereShinigami By YandereShinigami Updated Aug 15, 2016

L has developed a slight crush on his suspect, Light Yagami. He can't make this foreign feeling leave no matter how hard he tries. Will Light return these feelings? And will L ever even tell him about these new feelings he's been having? Or will they just go on, risking their lives seeking Kira.

This will be very fun and entertaining. (lol, no it won't) How will all this unravel?

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serpentauthor serpentauthor 6 days ago
Oh **** you! Matsuda-san is my favourite character! Light you meanie
L. Honey. This is one of the reasons I love you and will take you in as my child
serpentauthor serpentauthor 6 days ago
This is not the worst book ever! Don't your dare say that! This is as beautiful as rainbow llamas!
Like Nico di Angelo? (My baby solangelo!!!!!!) neeks, why are you acting like Octavian?
I like how this is the paragraph that got the most comments.
Help_Png Help_Png Aug 03
First off, Light is actually caring for L
                              Secondly, Same L, wakes up and just says " Who die? " ( yes I know people die in death note.... r.i.p beautiful FBI man