Handcuffed By Your Side - Light x L

Handcuffed By Your Side - Light x L

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whomst nyalldve By YandereShinigami Updated Mar 03

L has developed a slight crush on his suspect, Light Yagami. He can't make this foreign feeling leave no matter how hard he tries. Will Light return these feelings? And will L ever even tell him about these new feelings he's been having? Or will they just go on, risking their lives seeking Kira. Or will...L not remember anything...? Will...he just vanish? 

This will be very fun and entertaining. (lol, no it won't) How will all this unravel?

Hey, wanna fic that's a mix with crack and tame? I got u covered. Beet juice? You want fucking beet juice? Idk why you would want that but I got u covered anyway.

Edited Aug. 21, 2016

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Im confused...... This is lights pov right..... So at first it says ," sorry ryuuzaki,"....... So who said that........... Then it says, "i-its fine-e." i choked out....... Whaaaa then how said that?!
Calliem00 Calliem00 2 days ago
RedGoth101 RedGoth101 Apr 09
Ciel: I am certain that is not me! 
                              Everyone in the comments:suuuureeee
ClassyCat01 ClassyCat01 Apr 10
"my-our room," what did you think, L, "yes now this room belongs to mEEE
ClassyCat01 ClassyCat01 Apr 10
*flips a table* whAT
                              HE KILLED??
                              HIS FAMILY?????
ClassyCat01 ClassyCat01 Apr 10
my friend has man boobs (as I have real boobs) and I feel like I should offer to go bra shopping with him??? seriously he needs bras more than I do and I'm developing quite a chest for my age