Imagine Bigby Wolf & You

Imagine Bigby Wolf & You

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Victoria By vicbarr Updated Mar 05, 2016

Requests will always be open. 

Decided to create this story on the side of my Bigby x Reader fanfic since I'm typically not a quick writer. These will have no affiliation with my fan fiction (YBBD). Please enjoy.

Disclaimer: I do not own 'The Wolf Among Us', or any characters.

Rating: I guess mature. There's definitely fluff. Wether there will be lemon one day is a debate.

VictoriaAdams1 VictoriaAdams1 Oct 19, 2016
What is that strange ticking noise? Snape snape Severus snape lol
W_Cantril W_Cantril Apr 15, 2015
Yeah it said "@AngelofPunkRock voted for blah blah blah" so I read it and is good
W_Cantril W_Cantril Apr 13, 2015
@AngelofPunkRock this is a good book. it showed a notification that you were reading it
NUKE_Marco NUKE_Marco Feb 03, 2015
Maybe you should do a part 2 where Grey tries to seduce (Y/N) and Bigby comes in and beats his ass!
8KermitSuicide8 8KermitSuicide8 Feb 01, 2015
This is amazing! I would expect nothing less from a great author :D
Girly-Chan Girly-Chan Jan 31, 2015
@Missprincessrose XD Let me know when you start I want to read it.