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Inuyashas Demon and Kagomes Love

Inuyashas Demon and Kagomes Love

28.3K Reads 1K Votes 6 Part Story
Prince Crystal By SoldierMagic Completed

When Inuyasha turns Demon in order to save Kagome from a demon but when the demon they are fighting is slain Inuyasha decides to Kidnap Kagome thinking she is his mate! Will Kagome be able to stop him before he does something he will regret?

Who wants us to be good not ride the reason why Jesus died on the cross was because he let his life to help all of us so that's why Jesus died but he is not any more because death can't beat him so that's God called him Jesus
I like your story but people who is rude don't listen to them because there trying to make you to be one of them but Jesus is the one who wants
It's always Kagome because she's handi- I mean gifted and is so special she doesn't need a weapon making her an obvious target
AbigailBolones AbigailBolones Nov 20, 2016
*laughing hysterically, I don't know why, so just bear with it*
Inuyasha: *nuzzly nuzzle nuzzle* 
                              Kagome: *just sits there super freaked out*
                              Inuyasha: *licks like a puppy*
                              Kagome: Good boy! *rubs ears*
fvckoffwhores fvckoffwhores Nov 13, 2016
Hi! I'm another author (even this is my main account so sorry if my username is kinda offensive) but I would like to make a little suggestion :) when explains things don't use the "white girl" talk, it can lose its meaning and seriousness of the scene you are describing 😋 I hope this helped a bit