The Most Dangerous Game (Harry Styles AU)

The Most Dangerous Game (Harry Styles AU)

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Posh By Posh777 Updated Mar 28, 2016

"One game, one hand. That's all I want." 

He smiles confidently at me, "You really think you can win against me? In every deck of cards there are 2,598,960 possible hands. You're going to be dealt only one of those Styles. One." 

"One is all I need. Do we have a bet?" 

He narrows his eyes in thought. "What exactly would we be playing for?" 

"If you win, I'll do your fûcking dirty work for you." I spit. 

"Alright." He nods, "And if you win?"

"If I win... I get her."

'One of the most mesmerising, captivating stories. It races forward, twisting in a new direction every chapter... I can't get enough of it. Simply in love with it.' - @Zaynmxgnet

'The Most Dangerous Game gets all up in my feels and makes me screech...' - @BellaBlack93

'My heart cannot take the pure blessing that this book is, it is so beautifully written' - @toxic_incense

'..a story where the words explain exactly what it is. As you go along with the reading, you realise that all the characters have been put into the same game board with different positions.... If you are looking for suspense, tension, thriller, and drama then welcome to The Most Dangerous Game.' - @Anaisbabe1994

coastalstyles coastalstyles Apr 01, 2016
                              I DRINK A GALLON A DAY AND ITS SO HARD FOR ME
NinzTJames NinzTJames Mar 30, 2016
Oi babe missed me?just started reading this juisfnddbn hot oml
IsidoraMustafic IsidoraMustafic Feb 23, 2016
I feel like Harry is gonna be I'm sorry if I say I need you but I don't care I'm not scared of love cause you make me strong
tiarevargas1234 tiarevargas1234 Mar 10, 2016
I feel like getting punched in the face by Harry would be an honor
NiighttChanges NiighttChanges Mar 18, 2016
I hate when a man orders for a women, like what does she not have a voice?
CometGirl CometGirl Dec 29, 2015
I would be definitely distracted from any phobia too if he was taking his shirt off in front of me