Sunrise: Book 1 {Solangelo}

Sunrise: Book 1 {Solangelo}

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“I Knead You, Cas” By PercabethSolangelo Completed

[Setting Placed After BoO]

Nico Di Angelo is a gloomy, aloof character always questioning his very will to live. He's finally been released of his crush on Percy- yet he refuses to fall for the one and only Will Solace. Many of his closest friends know his sexuality, yet he's aware of the way people always stand clear of his presence. He can't stand the sneers he continues to receive around Camp Half-Blood and isn't bound to add his sexuality to the list of reasons why people judge him.
Meanwhile, Will Solace is the brightest and most lackadaisical character placed around Camp Half-Blood. He's denying every tingle that the new Di Angelo delivers to him every time they simply chat or hang out. He's dreading trudging down that road again.

{Currently under some extreme editing. Second book to this series has been released}

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I want this to be like more of a secret and then they become sorta friends that fight all the time denying their feelings for each other but then one day they kiss and just stay inside the hades cabin together all day
KeithCipher KeithCipher 6 days ago
Will just directly said to Nico, “I love you” but Nico is so oblivious
apjofan76 apjofan76 Jun 09
She went from Percy as a Will as a girl
                              Hmmmmm.......... What could it possibly mean?!?!?!?!
                              WHAT IS THE MEANING?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
*discreetly turns on tape recorder* I'm sorry, what was that Will?
                              Sayin yeahaah 
                              BECAUSE SOMEONE MADEEE A MOVEEEEEE
Bad Neeks! No killing! You'll have to clean the dishes for a month!