The Arrow of Light | A Percy Jackson Fanfiction

The Arrow of Light | A Percy Jackson Fanfiction

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Book One of the Astra Windlass trilogy.

Before Kronos perished, he left an item behind to his remaining followers that could resurrect him once more. The Arrow of Light, which can be shot down to the depths of Tartarus and bring back an entrapped soul. But there is a catch; it can only be shot by a Daughter of Artemis, or so the prophecy states. But since she is a virgin goddess, there is no way that could be possible. Right?

Astra Windlass has been living on the streets for sixteen years. She knows nothing about her parents, much less knowing that she's a half-blood. But when bumping into Grover, the two find themselves climbing up the hill to Camp Half-Blood for safety. But a problem arises:

She can't enter the arch.

Based off of the Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus series.


The Arrow of Light #12 in Adventure (February 10th, 2015), #680 in Fanfiction (February 20th, 2015)

shd0wlkr shd0wlkr Mar 28
What is this "time" thing you speak of? It seems like it would be useful during this tortu...I mean high school
V_the_Cat V_the_Cat May 02
WHAT DO YOU MEAN (I'm really serious about this) (And NO I am NOT Sirius Black if you're asking)
Whelderguy Whelderguy Jun 18
Commenting on the cover: "New York Times doesn't know I exist" xDDD
A person with two first first names cannot be trusted. Or so I've heard from a superstition.
Hey, I'm trying to make a cover for my fan fic. What website did you use?
sleepyjish sleepyjish Mar 27
I barely noticed the "mistakes" if that's what you want to call perfection. I was too caught up in the mistakes (again it means perfection) to care.