The Arrow of Light | A Percy Jackson Fanfiction

The Arrow of Light | A Percy Jackson Fanfiction

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Book One of the Astra Windlass trilogy.

Before Kronos perished, he left an item behind to his remaining followers that could resurrect him once more. The Arrow of Light, which can be shot down to the depths of Tartarus and bring back an entrapped soul. But there is a catch; it can only be shot by a Daughter of Artemis, or so the prophecy states. But since she is a virgin goddess, there is no way that could be possible. Right?

Astra Windlass has been living on the streets for sixteen years. She knows nothing about her parents, much less knowing that she's a half-blood. But when bumping into Grover, the two find themselves climbing up the hill to Camp Half-Blood for safety. But a problem arises:

She can't enter the arch.

Based off of the Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus series.


The Arrow of Light #12 in Adventure (February 10th, 2015), #680 in Fanfiction (February 20th, 2015)

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- - Jun 01
*stage whispers* who even cares about ToA... [hides in case i get attacked by a mob]
Hi. I really love the cover and I was just looking for some OC fanfics of PJO. So I thought why not read this one.😊
I feel yah. Next year I'm going into highschool. 
                              I'm actually a insomniac though so I have more time for things than most people do. So I prepare my breakfast around 4 in the morning :3
What i do if I don't have enough time to eat breakfast is i grab a zip lock bag put cereal and milk in it close it grab a spoon and then as im walking to school i eat my breakfast 
                              I take breakfast VERY seriously
instead of making this sound like a fault, i actually find it inspirational. you believed in yourself and the abilities you think you could pursue, and that, little dumpling, resonates as inspirational ((:
chanaenae88 chanaenae88 Dec 29, 2016
FIRST: Cover is gorgeous. I thought it looked like an actual PJO book. 
                              SECOND: New York Times doesn't know I exist 😂😂😂😂
                              THIRD: LOVE the description