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Hec Daevis By HecDaevis Updated Jan 04

Adam lowered his hand to rest it on the side of my neck, rubbing his thumb across my jaw. I shivered as he covered my body with his, pinning me there despite the fact that we had to leave. "You've been working on this album for a year now," he chastised. "To do what... sabotage its release? What were you thinking?"
  His hands were still on me, molding me just as he did ... as he had. He was caressing my skin, leaving me restless in the wake of his exploring touch. I just wanted to submit ... just as I always did. With his hands on me and our bodies pressed together, my conviction was slipping so quickly. Because after all, I depended on him.
  dam pressed his lips against mine in a chaste kiss, breathing heavily and running his hands through my hair, tugging lightly, and scolding me under his breath. "You're supposed to confirm everything you do with me," he murmured. His deep voice was a scolding rumble that drew a knee-buckling, hair-rising shiver down my back.
  And so I gave into him, setting all my faith into his word without knowing that he'd leave me in shambles.
  [Part of The Awkward Love Series, can be Stand-Alone]

Armistice2 Armistice2 Jan 14
Why do I get the feeling that I'm gonna have to shank Alexis at some point in this story?
PandemonicDawn PandemonicDawn Sep 02, 2016
*sips tea and crosses legs*
                              This will be interesting (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Notaboutdanormallife Notaboutdanormallife Aug 01, 2016
You got a thing about napes don't you? What are napes anyway? (sorry, foreign girl here)
Armistice2 Armistice2 Jan 14
I have this whole movie setting in my head with camera work and everything. It sounds like the intro to 50 Shades.
Armistice2 Armistice2 Jan 14
Not necessarily true. People still like Justin Bieber and all of Taylor Swift's ex boyfriends.
iamtheaftermathh iamtheaftermathh Jul 30, 2016
Omfgosh, this is literally exactly what I thought holy shite