One Direction One Shots (Boyxgirl and boyxboy) REQUESTS CLOSED

One Direction One Shots (Boyxgirl and boyxboy) REQUESTS CLOSED

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Jocelyn Marie By LifeIsHard163 Updated Apr 26, 2015

ello! Okay so I'm sitting in school doing nothing during a spare so I decided that I would write some one shots for you guys! Aiight! Let's do this!

If you want to make a request just inbox me with the following information:

What you want your name to be

How old you are

What boy you want

Fluffy, smut or normal


 Also, if you guys like my one shots, check out my new story called The New Kid! It's not a One Direction fan fiction but it's by far my best written story. I may need some new characters in the future, so I'll keep you posted on that!! :)

animecocoa animecocoa Jun 08, 2015
Name: (I'm gonna be a here) Zyan, Louis
                              Age: 17
                              Boy: Harry, Liam (does matter whose with who)
                              Smut and Fluffy
                              Thank you
VerifiedPunk VerifiedPunk May 17, 2014
Please may I have one?
                              Name: Evie
                              Age: 18
                              Boy: Harry
                              Fluffy pleaseee!! <3 <3
softballsuperstar24 softballsuperstar24 May 25, 2013
Can my name be Kaleigh, and I want Harry. I'm 18 and could it be fluffy?
LifeIsHard163 LifeIsHard163 Jan 23, 2013
@IzzyLoves1D It will be a while. I have to find my list of one shots. Please message me any requests.
Glasglow_Smile Glasglow_Smile Jan 23, 2013
Name Isabel , age 17, and Liam or Zayn also very smutty  please!! Thank you
LifeIsHard163 LifeIsHard163 Jan 08, 2013
@cece_loves_1D Right! I can do that. And please, next time 
                              DM me! I don't want to miss someone's request :3