The Foxes Prey

The Foxes Prey

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_batman_girl_ By _batman_girl_ Updated Jul 13

Vanessa was a regular teenage girl, going to a regular high school, well, as regular as she can get being at the bottom of the social and life food chain. Of course that was before she stumbled upon something magical. 

Vanessa Embers was going home after a long day at high school before getting the feeling of needing to follow the sound of the voice. She follows the beautiful sound to the woods on the outskirts of town, but these woods were forbidden in her small town. Vanessa just kept following the voice anyway. 

Some say curiosity killed the cat.

Good thing Vanessa wasn't a cat, and was only born into something new.

Don't do the weird 'Ms.Cole-"honey..."'
                              It sucks, it's not proper grammar and it ruins your writing
What behavior?! Oh, I get it so dropping your little sister of at school and walking to your school is bad now. That makes so much sense
She has some style!!😏😎👍🏻💅🏼👌🏼👊🏼🙃
sara8732b sara8732b Jun 11
*Good Criticism* 
                              After writing a chapter, re read it a few times so you can put in commas, periods, and proper spelling. But I really do like your story!🙌🏻👌🏻
That is intense... I think I saw a movie (12 years a slave or some thing like that) and I couldn't watch it all the way through... God that poor girl:(
You have no idea how happy i am to find that this fox story has pacing, I just read four different books and could't read pass chapter 3 because they had no pacing, nothing was developed in the first chapter. It hurt to read it, so thank you for a wonderful first chapter.