just friends  (DISCONTINUED)

just friends (DISCONTINUED)

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bella By httpnxon Completed

Bella and Caleb; they are both the ever-so-famous "YouTubers",well Caleb's family vlogs and he has his own minecraft channel and she is a "personality".

They've seen a couple of each other's videos but never really payed attention.

When Playlist Live comes around in flordia,and they bump into each other,they start to talk,laugh,and joke around,hanging out for a while before their different events.

Somethings happen after a year of Playlist, and they're re-united.....what's in store?


Me too... And I just miss him like crazy an i wish this was just all a big joke or they could say he just wanted a break from YouTube, but no, it's real. Oh look I'm crying😭😭
HannahMason342 HannahMason342 Nov 03, 2015
Nothing will ever be the same with ought him. No vlog will ever be the same. But our love for him will never change
remainednameless remainednameless Oct 14, 2015
Miss him so much :'( Just the thought of watching their vlogs without him makes me cry :'(
ohmy_castiel ohmy_castiel Oct 04, 2015
R.I.P Angel... Im going to miss him so much in vlogs... His personality was so outgoing and amaing. Im crying now. Damnit
SpottyMaisie SpottyMaisie Aug 20, 2015
Everyone back off coz um like Caleb is mine so um yeah we are planning our wedding and we are boyfriend and girlfriend we met at Red Robin so just um fuckin back of yeah
cliveking cliveking Aug 19, 2015
I think chapter 1 could be better check out my book back at the beach about Bratayley