Memory Loss

Memory Loss

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Too Many Fandoms By LuigiLover123 Completed

The Pines Twins have always been a thorn on Bill Cipher's side. But when Dipper Pines gets the best of him, things go from bad to worse.

Will Mabel, Stan, Wendy, and Soos save Dipper?

Or will his memory be lost for all eternity?

  • cipher
  • dipper
  • gravityfalls
  • mabel
  • stanford
DoritoDemon DoritoDemon Dec 14, 2017
Jeez only the first chapter and it's already getting pretty deep
kw12lol kw12lol Sep 28, 2017
Hi! I loved your fanfic so much! I was wondering if maybe you could read my Gravity Falls fanfiction? I've only written the first chapter.
Cookiemunch1231 Cookiemunch1231 Dec 03, 2017
As soon as I saw the question marks and unknown POV I was like "it's Bill isn't it."
How others explain BillDip- Bill could’nt resist falling in love with Mason Pines. 
                              How Bill explains BillDip- “”
Rosekit617 Rosekit617 Oct 06, 2016
This is......................soos I know I'm sooo smrt right???!???? 
                              Yeah no I meant u know the limited edition golden flying dorito
CreativeBookz CreativeBookz Jan 16, 2016
Stanley had all three journals before he started the portal, remember? Dipper aligned them on the page that showed the portal.