His (Book 1) {Currently EDITING}

His (Book 1) {Currently EDITING}

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Ellie Coleman: Aspiring psychologist, introverted, reserved, safe.....and a submissive? 

No... Of course not. She couldn't be, or could she? Ellie believes the world to be black and white, day and night. Simple.


That is until she literally runs into Leo Calavry: Club Caged owner, dominant, and the eventual owner of her heart, body and soul.

But she'd never believe that....would she?

Same girl my older sis gets all the attention im just like take it ALL but she doesnt like it either
IsaFTW IsaFTW Aug 30
I don't think it's necessary to describe her as brown skinned...
Only1Queen1 Only1Queen1 Sep 18
It's sad but that's me 18 and still nobody's ever seen more than a thigh and that's only cause of cheerleading😂
Autumnwiley17 Autumnwiley17 Dec 24, 2015
I don't either! This one time I kinda got ghetto... Lol, and yelled at this lady: what?! What are you looking at?!.. Oh gawd.. The sad part is that it just happened kinda recent
Josh_Gray97 Josh_Gray97 Sep 30, 2015
My best friend is Mexican and my other friend is Caucasian (I'm Caucasian as well) and we'll got out with my Mexican friend's family and people stare at us weirdly
Erin_Woods14 Erin_Woods14 Sep 28, 2015
I so know how it feels my sister says the same thing I'm only 14 give me a break