The New girl

The New girl

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impunkin By impunkin Updated Feb 01, 2015

My name is Allisa but my friends and family call me Lizz. I have two sisters and 10 best friends. Yes 10. I'm 21and its hard getting all of them to come see me all at once cause I have a lot going on in my life. Its hard being the new girl on the block and on top of that I'm am PK (preachers kid). I'm not like all PKs. I like to party and have fun. So I'm thinking of throwing a neighborhood party you know to get to know people or whatever.

Lizz: breanna do you wanna go to the store with me? 

Bre: no you take too long

Lizz: it's only to get the food for the party.

Bre walking out ignoring Lizz. Lizz follows her.

Lizz: bre come on mane its only gone be a few mins. I promise look you can time me.

Bre: okay but I bet you take forever.

Lizz grabs her keys and jacket and heads to the car.

Bre: whea ya purse?

Lizz: I thought you got it for me. You didn't get it? How you forget my purse?

Bre: first of all bitch I'm going to the store with you. Second *lizz cuts her off*

Lizz: look ...

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