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The Dragon Prince (Merlin AU)

The Dragon Prince (Merlin AU)

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EmzyyIrene By EmzyyIrene Completed

In a kingdom called Drakoniel where magic is free, the people are happy and peaceful, the rulers are gracious, and dragons roam the skies, lives Prince Merlin Ambrosius; also known as The Dragon Prince.
When Merlin is thirteen Drakoniel is attacked by a once faithful and trusted knight, He must flee to his mother's prior home in Cenred's kingdom. Years later he finds himself a servant to another prince, Prince Arthur Pendragon of Camelot. What happens when Knights of Drakoniel come to Camelot asking for assistance in winning back their kingdom and searching for their lost prince?

Special thanks to my friend @JoshuaMBarrett for designing this awesome cover for me!!

Reading this, I thought of the Weasley twins. Then cried into my pillow.
superwho666 superwho666 a day ago
... And a time of magic, the destiny of great kingdom rests on the shoulder of a young boy. His name . . . Merlin.
I can't imagine clumsy Merlin being an expert at anything other than sarcasm
GeminiHaddock GeminiHaddock Feb 08, 2016
" In a land of myth and a time of magic, the destiny of a great  kingdom rests on the shoulders of  a young man. His name..... Merlin."
mihacollar_is_moi mihacollar_is_moi Apr 07, 2016
                                       John hurts 
                              (That was meant to be musical)
Trying to imagine Merlin with a bow and for some reason in my mind I am imagining him in a Spiderman pose with one leg way out facing the target just meakly attempting to draw back the bowstring Merida style!😂😂😂