Forever Watching

Forever Watching

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VeeSoni By VeeSoni Updated Feb 04, 2011

We've been on the move ever since i could remember.Our first move was when we went to Melbourne,Australia.We stayed there for six months, that's the longest we've ever stayed anywhere.If  we stick around in one place for to long they'll find us and all the work put into keeping us safe will be for nothing.Lexi and Jade will always be my sisters no matter what happens but there are things they do not know.Secrets that will see them in their graves before the time is right i.e. a gazillion light years from now.Its THEIR  work to ensure my sisters never find out.But that doesn't make me feel any less guilty about lying to them.Above all else comes our safety and so I must put up a facade each morning before I face them.                    
I can't explain how it all began.One minute everything was perfectly normal and the next we were a family on the run, just less one person.Our mother.Nothing 's ever been the same since then.If we linger in one place for too long they'll catch us then all hell will break loose.Wait,lemme rephrase that.We will break hell loose, something I've vowed we will never do.Its easier said than done since the fates see to be set against me.Yet above it all one thing remains constant.I must protect my family.I MUST watch our backs.I MUST not fail for if i do then all those deaths will be for nought.

It sucks being the youngest becuse as much as my sisters try to make me feel involved I know they're keeping secrets from me.But seriously, when will a Mielstone ever truly be honest?Never.Even I have my own secrets.They create dark holes in my life, holes so big that I wondder if I will truly ever be recover.Perhaps one day I shall unless of course I end up dead and buried in the Atlantic Ocean.That wouldn't be so bad, but before that happens I have to fullfil my destiny.Yeayea.I know.Too young to have a destiny, right?Well Potter has one and he was way younger than I am when he started, so who are you to talk?

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