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You Will Be Mine Forever... (Yandere! Eren x Reader)

You Will Be Mine Forever... (Yandere! Eren x Reader)

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Laina Sam and Izzy By NormalScaresUs Completed

Her smell, hair, face, smile, and heart. That all I want that's all I ask for is just to have her heart forever and make her mines... I want her in my arms forever and always. -Laina

Me: *pops out of nowhere* IF YOU LOVE ME, LET ME GOOOOOOOOOO~!
                              Eren: LEMMEH LOVE UUUUU~~~~
                              Me: oh shet *runs away with a banana onesie*
                              I have to xD
aloistrancyva aloistrancyva Oct 10, 2016
If you love me let me GOOOOOOOOOO
                              THE FEAR OF FALLING APART
ismbirks ismbirks Jan 09
                              Bertholdt wasn't innocent lol Eren is being awesome by murdering the frickin Colossal Titan
jeagerprobs jeagerprobs Sep 12, 2016
I'm sorry, but if you were talking about Eren, he isn't a brunette, he is a brunet. I am very sorry tho this annoys me and I can't control my inner complanazoid
KawaiiKohai69 KawaiiKohai69 Aug 31, 2016
When it said I came out of the closet, I immediately thought of Reader-chan secretly being gay *plot twist: I'm in love with Mikasa
my_name_is_killua my_name_is_killua Oct 29, 2016
RIN FROM BLUE EXORCIST!!! NATSU.? ENVY!!! * says more names*
                              PERSON- WTF NO ITS ER..* covers there mouth* 
                              Me- SHHHHHH LET ME DREAM