Daddy!Levi x Daughter!Reader

Daddy!Levi x Daughter!Reader

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Name Not Cached By theMonarchyOfRoses Updated Jul 01, 2016


Levi was good at keeping secrets. He did so well that he managed to hide his own daughter from the narrative for a while. When she is exposed, the development of a father-daughter relationship begins to grow through triumph and tragedy.

(NOTE: As per the reconstruction, understand that this story is filled with continuity errors within its own plot and the original narrative)

I never knew Killua had another secret family member...Wait! So is his real name Levi Zoldyck or is Killua's name Killua Ackerman?
Why did you give the child bleach?! Have you not seen who's your daddy?!
Kaleigh404 Kaleigh404 Dec 28, 2016
Wait you mean to tel me SANTA IS NOT REAL?????? NOOOO!!!! This can't be true😂lol
lancecorporalwindex lancecorporalwindex Dec 25, 2016
Is it funny that today is Christmas (and Levi's b-day) for me?😂😂😂😂😂
AbbieHelmes AbbieHelmes Jan 19
"Kumajirou, what happened to Canada?!?!"
                              "Um..never mind"*pets kuma's head* 
                              *calls Mattie and tells him where kuma is*
Please tell me I'm an Ajin! (An Ajin is basically a human that can come back to life and fight using his/her IBM A.K.A. Invisible Black Matter.)