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Daddy!Levi x Daughter!Reader

Daddy!Levi x Daughter!Reader

25.5K Reads 696 Votes 7 Part Story
Name Not Cached By theMonarchyOfRoses Updated Jul 01, 2016


Levi was good at keeping secrets. He did so well that he managed to hide his own daughter from the narrative for a while. When she is exposed, the development of a father-daughter relationship begins to grow through triumph and tragedy.

(NOTE: As per the reconstruction, understand that this story is filled with continuity errors within its own plot and the original narrative)

CallMePettyBetty CallMePettyBetty 2 days ago
Yea right XD a brown skinned red headed child with freckles and shïtty brown eyes. Yea, we look just alike :o
Dr_Animoo Dr_Animoo Mar 16
A one year old did all this? Damn all I did was puke and spit everywhere plus a bit extra. (Lowkey making myself less attractive every letter I keep typing 😅)
CallMePettyBetty CallMePettyBetty 2 days ago
Is it sad that I remember mopping the kitchen of my house when I was one ;-;
I never knew Killua had another secret family member...Wait! So is his real name Levi Zoldyck or is Killua's name Killua Ackerman?
Why did you give the child bleach?! Have you not seen who's your daddy?!
Please tell me I'm an Ajin! (An Ajin is basically a human that can come back to life and fight using his/her IBM A.K.A. Invisible Black Matter.)