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Isabella Kai By isabella_kai Updated Jul 30, 2015

Paranormal Romance / Teen Fiction (Contemporary)

When Azura's father told him that he would be attending Saint Hubert Academy to train as a hunter he thought it was nothing but a big joke. 

It wasn't funny, of course, considering he was half demon and therefore has demonic blood running through his veins and the people he'd be associating with at the academy are specifically trained and taught how to hunt and kill supernatural beings like him. It was utter lunacy to even think he could study and train as a Knight of the Fraternity. True, he has the ability but not the bloodline. Only pure bloods are accepted to attend the prestigious school, no mutts allowed. He would never pass the screening, let alone pass the front gates.

When his father dropped him off at the dormitory with his acceptance letter and class schedule tucked on his jacket pocket and his meager possessions cramped on a duffle bag, Azura realized he was dead serious.

But graduating from the academy and getting knighted is the least of his problems. He has to deal with peer pressure and teen drama first and fitting in on the school hierarchy. And if the supernatural beings outside the walls of Saint Hubert Academy doesn’t kill him, his roommate surely would if he ever finds out that Azura is nursing a growing infatuation towards him. 

No, Azura’s school life certainly is not a disaster waiting to happen (note the sarcasm?). 

Being a half-blood demon is not easy, in fact, it's damned complicated especially if you’re a male teenager with raging hormones. Will Azura survive this new chapter of his life or cave under the pressure?