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The Unpopular Cheerleader

The Unpopular Cheerleader

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Menna By BookishSimpleGirl Completed

"Hello Autumn, I don't need to introduce myself cause everybody knows who I am, but I'm Blake."

How does he know my name ?

He answers my unasked question "I know your name because you are a cheerleader, a beautiful cheerleader."

The Cheerleader effect... I smirk cause I know what he is trying to do.

"Don't bother trying cause I'm not gonna fall for you, I know what you're trying to do. After all I am a cheerleader."

"But you're the unpopular one," he responds.


Meet Autumn Noelle Carson a.k.a the unpopular cheerleader.

A cheerleader that is trying to hide from the popularity forest. Unfortunately, the ropes of being a cheerleader always pulls her back in to that deadly forest. 

 Kidnappers, return of exes, accidents, and amnesia. The poor Hershey addict has to face all of this and so much more. She's not even in a gang for crying out loud!

There is only one more thing that will make her life take a 360 degree spin ; a boy. A boy that goes by the name Blake Hunter and is the football team's quarterback... (Sooo not cliché) 

With all of this going on she should totally forget about remaining 'unpopular'. Especially if it is going to include guys fighting for heart while she's trying to study, cheerlead, and eat chocolate..

BEWARE: THIS BOOK WAS WRITTEN AT A YOUNG AGE. You will find the strangest ideas, plot twists, and odd moments. However, TUC will remain as it is since it's my first story. 💕

|| #117 in teen fiction - 24/4/16 ||
||[Cover by Stellakuipers]||
☄BOOK 1 of The Popular Unpopular  Series☄

meleenavelenesalas meleenavelenesalas Aug 05, 2016
Hey can't wait to read your story ... I come in peace✌✌✌
sunriseboulevard sunriseboulevard Sep 09, 2016
My school's athletes(including cheerleaders and dancers)require their GPA to be 3.2.but this still made me laugh.😂
turducens turducens Oct 28, 2016
my dads in the military and my mom works in the hospital we both have the same name....
XxmatchewbaexX XxmatchewbaexX Dec 29, 2015
Js if you have Madison beer as one of the cast members it would be pretty cool if you made the boy she likes or her boyfriend - haven't read this story yet so I don't know - Jack gilinsky 
                              Get it? Cause their dating irl ? No ? O-okay .
Aziaanhipster Aziaanhipster Apr 26, 2015
I Love your idea too ❤️
                              It's not cliché ohh it's kinda more original :)