Blue Flamed Ghoul (Tokyo Ghoul/Blue Exorcist Crossover) *Discontinued*

Blue Flamed Ghoul (Tokyo Ghoul/Blue Exorcist Crossover) *Discontinued*

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Qualified Huntress By _MidnightRose_ Updated Nov 07, 2016

After defeating the notorious Jason, Kaneki has a changed outlook on life. Accepting his ghoul side, he lives a life of crime. He thinks that after everything that has happened to him, nothing will surprise him. But he is so wrong. 

Meeting what Kaneki thought was a human girl, she turns out to be possessed by the demon king, Satan. Attacking him, he is almost killed until the unexpected thing happens. Blue flames erupt from his body. For that, he finds out he's one of the sons of Satan, born from a human mother. But his demonic side was dormant until Satan attacked him; thus why he suddenly exploded in flames. Now he has to master his new demonic powers by going to True Cross Academy. While there, he runs into all sorts of trouble. Stacks of exorcist homework. Crazy new friends. And fighting demons. 

And a shadowy figure connected to Kaneki's past wants his power... The power of Satan's flames. 


"What is this?" I stare at the blue flames. 

"Isn't obvious!?" laughs the demon. "You are the bastard son of Satan. Which is me!! Hahaha!"

Vidjauser Vidjauser Aug 15, 2016
I bet it was the girl's razor-ass nails that broke the skin instead of just her hand. XD
nyhlakitty21 nyhlakitty21 Jul 11, 2016
Marie Antoinette syndrome is what made his hair to turn white. Its caused by- ya know what, just look it up.
KattySarah KattySarah May 25, 2015
just saying kaneki doesnt eat humans. but its still a good story
GunBladeArtist GunBladeArtist Feb 16, 2015
I like dis plz update and I I get any otaku friends ill recommend dis also im new on dis site
PikaGirl260 PikaGirl260 Feb 01, 2015
Awh thank you for mentioning me ^^ I'm happy I got to make a cover for what is going to be an amazing story :D