Love, the Boys

Love, the Boys

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Mandy By bloody_fvcking_hell Updated Oct 12, 2016

Warning: Contains explicit scenes, suitable for 18+


She looked over and shivered in anticipation.

As if sensing her excitement, he moved lower and lower. His breath blew onto her core, between her spread thighs.

She whimpered.

His eyes darkened and roughly pulled down her pants, leaving her bare in a pair of skimpy lace panties. He took in the sight beneath him, but his vision soon concentrated on the damp spot coating her panties.

"Fvvvvvck, kitten. So ready for me, for us."

She flushed bright red.

He leaned in and slid the scrap of material off her pelvis.

"So wet already." he muttered, taking in her swollen, glistening skin.

He nudged her open with his nose, breathing in her sweet, addicting aroma. With that, he ran his nose down her slit. Then, without a warning, his tongue darted out and swirled around her clít then gently sucked on it.

She cried out in bliss.

"Now, I'm going to make you regret ever resisting me."

Her hands reached out instinctively and pulled his shirt into her tightly wounded fist, letting out a needy whimper.

"Hand me the handcuffs."

He demanded, speaking to his twin without cocking his head to look at him. The other man let out an amused chuckle but soon faltered when she let out another moan, making him strain against his jeans even more, hardening painfully.


When the twins were born, the prophecy predicted that they will fall in love with the same woman, no matter the situation. The gods predicted a war. A war so huge that its result will probably cause more deaths than the amount of lives Melinda herself took. Probably.

But every story has a twist.

Nope, nope, no war.

But shít sure did went down.

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NativeRain20 NativeRain20 Oct 31, 2016
Oh my gosh this description made me beyond excited for this story! Seriously, the plot sounds amazing and I seriously cannot wait to read the rest!
tifanie117 tifanie117 Mar 07, 2016
This has the grounds to be such an amazing story. Plzz update