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Love Bites of Revenge (Kaneki Ken Fanfic)

Love Bites of Revenge (Kaneki Ken Fanfic)

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ItadakimasuPocky By ItadakimasuPocky Completed

A ghoul named 'eye patch' was the cause of my parent's death.

Working for the CCG (Commision of Counter Ghoul), my only aim was to seek vengeance.

"I'll.. i'll definitely kill you!"

"I'll take you on anytime"

I swore to eliminate him even at the cost of my life but even though i had so many chances, he always escaped. But moreover.. he's always making fun of me!

"Y'know.. You're wide open here. Just the perfect place to bite you"

"When i see him again, i'll shut his vulgar mouth! That Asshole!"

I was always determined to kill him until--
I couldn't hit him with the finishing blow.

I couldn't be... I couldn't possibly be holding feelings for a ghoul.. Right?

i think i figured the story out now due to the introduction page...
Oshiete yo oshiete yo 
                              Sono shikumi wo 
                              Boku no naka ni 
                              Dare ga iru no?
go_away_please_ go_away_please_ Nov 20, 2016
Well maybe her mom was planning on killing Rima and Maneke saw a knife and attacked her? I'm making up so many excuses in my head right now
Welp creepy masks and stalking SURE are the perfect way to calm me down
littleme188 littleme188 Aug 28, 2016
And that's why if you have a creepy stalker tell your parents
nalu-lovley nalu-lovley Aug 09, 2016
For starters this is the first time I am reading a story like this and I am already amazed and I can't wait to finish it !!