A Potential Disaster (Coming Soon Maybe)

A Potential Disaster (Coming Soon Maybe)

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Azarath Metrion Zinthos By LikkleAngel Updated May 13, 2015

"Doesn't it worry you?" I said, panic rising in my chest.

"Doesn't what worry me?" He asked stepping closer.

"Us." I told him as I shook my head. "We're a potential disaster, Flynn."

Flynn hummed in the back of his throat, his eyes not leaving mine as he took another step forward, his hand reaching out to brush the hair away from my neck.

My heart fluttered, and my hands shook.

Why did I have this reaction to him?

He was drawing patterns against my neck with the tip of his finger now, a glazed over look in his eyes.

"Flynn!" I cried. "Listen."

His eyes focused again, and he looked directly into my eyes.

I swallowed. "Did you hear a word I said, or was it all just white noise to you?" I asked him, only half jokingly.

Flynn's lips stretched into a lopsided smile. "I heard you say we have potential." He told me, humour entering his eyes.

I held in a groan. "You have the worst case of selective hearing I've ever seen." I told him, my head slumping forwards, as I leant into him.

He cupped his large hand around the side of my neck, his roughened fingers sliding into my hair as he tilted my head back up to look at him gently with his thumb. "No it doesn't worry me." He said on a serious note this time.

"Why not?" I asked in a cracked voice.

"Because," he answered carefully. "Most people spend so much of their lives being a disaster all on their own. We, on the other hand," he said stooping his back until his forehead knocked lightly against mine. "Have a chance to be one together." He grinned. "And that sounds good to me."


Ebony was always the girl who planned everything.

Flynn was always the 'weird kid' in the back of the class everybody tended to avoid.

But everything changes for the both of them unexpectedly through swapped seats, desk graffiti,  post-it notes, torn up receipts, and a shoelace.

Suddenly their two very different worlds are colliding.

There's just one problem.

They're a potential disaster.

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