I Have Two Mates

I Have Two Mates

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Ensurel By Ensurel Updated Nov 13

"Mate" I whispered as I walked toward him. We crashed together in a hug and he leant his face into my neck, memorising my scent.

Suddenly, he was ripped away. My mate flew against the wall and crashed in a heap. 

I looked up at the man who threw him and met his eyes.

"Mate" We said at the same time.


How could I have two mates?


I really need a trailer! If anybody can make trailers, that'd be great! Also, if you want to make me covers or banners....

Lol everyone is like "Bitch Wtf you talking about 'new mate'"
rudolph21 rudolph21 Jun 07
I'd be suspicious. "New mate"? There was annither one? It sounds like he just picked her
If girls HAD to wear dresses I would wear a suit because fuk you and stop being sexist you dik
Lol it's like a game show.
                               *points to girl*, "congratulations, you are the winner!"
whatup117 whatup117 Jun 22
I'd be like....
                              Yaaaaa👏👏👏... Wait hold up did you say 'new' mate?🤔😒 what's that supposed to mean?😡😠
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