Project Good Girl | COMPLETE

Project Good Girl | COMPLETE

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| Project Good Girl - under editing / do not read | (seriously don't)

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 Heaven and Tucker are opposites. They don't like each other and they're convinced they never will but when disaster strikes, Heaven is forced to walk home in the dead of the night where she comes across Tucker and his partner in crime, Bradley.

 And when Heaven ends up in serious trouble for the first time in her life, Tucker can't help but feel guilty for putting her in the position she's in and with a bit of quick thinking, they're out of trouble as quick as they were in it but now Tucker wants something in return.

 And so he makes a bet with her.

 If he can make her fall in love with him within the short time of two months then he wins and if he doesn't- well, you know how it goes. With much reluctance, Heaven agrees and so it begins.

 Endless arguments, trouble lurking about everywhere they go and accidental 'I love you's'. Tucker is a delinquent and Heaven is considered to accept only perfection but after Tucker's long and miserable life, she can't help but begin to fall for the boy with sad eyes and the bittersweet smile.

    ❝ Time flies when you're in love. ❞

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WARNING : contains elements of suicide and self harm.

NOTE : this story doesn't promote either self harm or suicide

dcggie dcggie Apr 02
do you mean "bear"? sorry if u find this offensive but i'm just trying to be helpful ;)
spot0113 spot0113 Mar 01, 2015
I hope I really enjoy right know I chose to read it ( Saturday night on fed the 28 10:11)