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Every Chance He Got

Every Chance He Got

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cristinamakesbelieve By cristinamakesbelieve Completed

Every chance he got seven year old Melinda's father would spank her. Melinda always tried to stay out of trouble, but no matter what Frank, her father, would find something she did in order to punish the girl. After his wife died he was left to raise his seven year old by himself. His temper got worse day by day. Melinda was a spitting image of her mother and her father hated her for that. Frank works for the government and has a big house. It's big enough for the screams to be heard, but no one from the outside could hear their secret and that's what he liked. Frank isn't all bad, he has his good side and you will see it later on in the story.

I will say this now in case this ever comes up. I don't condone incest of any kind. I wrote this story because it helps me cope with similar situations that happened in my life. So if you don't like it, don't read it. Thank you for all my wonderful viewers who support my stories :)

Pisces38Scorpio112 Pisces38Scorpio112 Aug 12, 2016
I am not supposed to pass judgment; but I hope the person that did this to you; I can't call him your father; cause a REAL father wouldn't do that to a child; I hope this person  ROTS in the absolute DEEPEST PART of HADES (HELL).
RuthRacqaelJackson7 RuthRacqaelJackson7 Sep 01, 2016
This is such a sad story but i cant help want know what happens to her
Pisces38Scorpio112 Pisces38Scorpio112 Aug 12, 2016
I HAVE TO ASK...Personal Story?   Cause you can't write this with that much detail without having been there; JMO.
WrinklesR_Bae WrinklesR_Bae Apr 09, 2016
"more than sharks love blood" quote this. someone write this down and reference it every opportunity given
DoriPana DoriPana Jul 07, 2016
No it was good, it's just sad how these things do to happen to such young girls especially
justonesmolbean justonesmolbean Dec 16, 2015
I'm from Georgia and I hope nobody is using this as a generalization! This is actually not common place!