Friendzone » Jack Gilinsky

Friendzone » Jack Gilinsky

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Friendzones usually end up ruining a friendship, but this time... It takes it to a whole other level.

Book One of the "Zone" series.

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Book #1: Friendzone
Book #2: No Boys Zone
Book #3: Danger Zone

yikeswilk yikeswilk Jul 17
Y'all gonna see a lot of me in the comments because I don't keep quiet
yikeswilk yikeswilk Jul 17
but damn I have like one good guy friend and we're not even that close😂 like I talk to a very few boys in my school but I wouldn't call them good friends.
                              since I've grown up in an all girls school with almost all female cousins, I don't know the definition of 'male species' 😂
yikeswilk yikeswilk Jul 17
Bahahhahaha only Sam would say shït like that
                              Like admit it, you can imagine him saying that.
yikeswilk yikeswilk Jul 17
Well I got a nice Irish fry up this morning at a cafe, which was to die for by the way
                              Then I had a nice quarter pounder burger and then I had a packet of skittles and a double decker bar.
                              Thanks for asking.
I do that all the time. Every time my guyfriends are conscious, and I take a lot of pictures, before they clean it off.
Freshlamar Freshlamar Jul 09
I have so many guy friends(s/o to Javi, Sean and Adonys 😂)