Friendzone » Jack Gilinsky

Friendzone » Jack Gilinsky

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Friendzones usually end up ruining a friendship, but this time... It takes it to a whole other level.

Book One of the "Zone" series.

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Book #1: Friendzone
Book #2: No Boys Zone
Book #3: Danger Zone

yikeswilk yikeswilk Jul 17, 2016
Y'all gonna see a lot of me in the comments because I don't keep quiet
yikeswilk yikeswilk Jul 17, 2016
but damn I have like one good guy friend and we're not even that close😂 like I talk to a very few boys in my school but I wouldn't call them good friends.
                              since I've grown up in an all girls school with almost all female cousins, I don't know the definition of 'male species' 😂
yikeswilk yikeswilk Jul 17, 2016
Bahahhahaha only Sam would say shït like that
                              Like admit it, you can imagine him saying that.
yikeswilk yikeswilk Jul 17, 2016
Well I got a nice Irish fry up this morning at a cafe, which was to die for by the way
                              Then I had a nice quarter pounder burger and then I had a packet of skittles and a double decker bar.
                              Thanks for asking.
ImOnlyTheQueen ImOnlyTheQueen Oct 15, 2016
I do that all the time. Every time my guyfriends are conscious, and I take a lot of pictures, before they clean it off.
jackglilinsky jackglilinsky Aug 26, 2016
well you see, it's 2 n the morning and I'm watching Netflix eating sheet and I'm suppose to be fit and crap but that's not working out, oh and I'm suppose to wake up really early tomorrow but I don't wanna so just like leave me alone and let me watch shameless while reading a jack g ff