North and South (Hetalia, Koreacest)

North and South (Hetalia, Koreacest)

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Magic Fucking Mike By HolidayDoom Updated Apr 21

South Korea hasn't seen his brother for 61 years and he hopes it'll stay that way.

Sadly, that's not how life works.

When North Korea comes over for a visit (for a MONTH. God help him) he begins to panic.

And it doesn't help that is usual happy thoughts and self keeps getting penetrated by darker, disturbing thoughts....

Is this is a phase or is he getting affected by North Korea?


Why is North Korea acting so different?

This is my family when it is Christmas we have like 28 people in a small house
Tokyo: I don't blame you Aniki. I'm scared of North Korea because he's threatening Japan to make me is first target for a nuclear bomb...*Shudders*
tigerspiritgirl tigerspiritgirl 6 days ago
I say aru for fun mosof the time and to annoy my people,  aru
Still waiting for the day when Philippines will appear in this book...
                              ... okay, so what if we're in Southeast Asia!?!?
-Lexie-Gray -Lexie-Gray Nov 08
I know how it feels to be annoyed when you're in the middle of a good novel, Taiwan ._.
"A normal day in the East Asian household"
                              At that point in time, I realized that my household is like a smaller version of theirs. And that just made it all the more funnier!