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My Bad Boy Mate

My Bad Boy Mate

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bricute3 By bricute3 Updated Aug 05, 2016

Next thing I knew his lips were crashing on mine. And I didn't want to pull away this time, I kissed him back instantly not caring about his reputation at the time.
Jasmine is 17 and a half eagerly waiting for her mate, until she bumps into Nathan. The Alpha of the Blood Moon pack and is known as the schools bad boy and man whore. This is not how she imagined her mate to be.

*Give it a chance, you just might like it*

Souleaterchix Souleaterchix Jun 11, 2016
srsly, cant you come up with your own last names. Blood and Lavigne, c'mon girl.
Rosepetalrock Rosepetalrock Apr 19, 2016
Wow I really love your book since I love wolves also :) keep up the good work 👍
cambrave18 cambrave18 Jul 29, 2016
I love it when guys call their mats/girlfriend love its so cute I swear 😍
Skyerall202 Skyerall202 Aug 26, 2016
I am like Jessica  
                              I hate my freckles 
                              But my  friends thinks it suits me 
                              (NO THEY DON'T )
VolleyBall_Legend VolleyBall_Legend Nov 25, 2016
She wasn't even stressing over the guys. I wonder what was going on in his pretty little head.
Me When my parents bring food to me at school from a fast food restaurant 🍟🍔