Yudhi [# A Love Story]

Yudhi [# A Love Story]

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"Nooo! You are not taking care of me. I am done with you. You won. You don't love me. Our bet is over. I am leaving tomorrow and will never bother you again."

I got really mad. I got on the bed and sat on him straddling his waist and pulled him by his shirt .......

Yudhi - He wasn't sure, if it was physical attraction or love. Of course, he thought, it was physical attraction. How could he fall in love with someone, he knows nothing about. 
Arohi - She grew up in USA and is studying medicine. She doesn't want to marry the person her parents chose and tries to send him back to India, but falls in love with him when they meet for the first time.
Is their love for each other stronger than the traditional marriage their parents try to impose on them? Can they overcome their ego's and all the obstacles to realize their love for each other?
Read ahead if you want to go along with this romantic rollercoaster.

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Kokila13 Kokila13 Apr 08, 2017
Hahahhaha the moment I read IIT goshhh bless my fangirling soul for this dream n glad an Indian is doing this great on wattpad🙂
every other telugu story i've read on this damned website is cringy asf, this was actually a lot better than what i've read
- - Jan 06, 2017
Finally...... Indian writers on the go
                              Dreams..... Are awesome....
Cannykid Cannykid Feb 08, 2016
It's really well written, but kinda missing the hooking bit, maybe next chapters will have more action
sharmistra sharmistra Feb 07, 2016
wow..d story is amazing..especially Yudhi..i'm glad tht u notified me..thanx a lot buddy :)
Cannykid Cannykid Feb 08, 2016
LOL he's like a creep..
                              I'm looking forward to how will go!!