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The Unexpected are the Best

The Unexpected are the Best

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Lexxie By iluvzyuhz Completed

But before I could even part with the main hallway, my left wrist was firmly grasped from behind, and next thing I know, my back is pressed up against a row of lockers. "I missed you all summer." My mouth was barely parted, ready to speak. But before my intentions could be fulfilled, I was lifted up into the muscular arms of Ben Cooper, the school's football superstar. 
  "Do you even know who I am?"
  "Well of course, you're Jenny Smith."
  Then came the kiss. I had absolutely no clue how to react, which lead to me waiting until he was done, completely frozen in place. 
  Ben slowly parted his lips from mine, then questioned why I had not responded. My reply was but a simple, "I'm not Jenny Smith."

cover by @HayleyWatson from Le Graphique Café!! Sank you meh lovely <3

Alley_Chris Alley_Chris Mar 24
I would be like, "GET OFF OF ME YOU PERV!!! I AM BOT YOUR GF AND I DONT WANT TO GET IN BED WOTH YOU SO BYE!!!" And just literally hop down and run like FVCK.
innocent_Peach innocent_Peach Oct 23, 2016
This is creepy af my German teach was named Jenny Smith 😂😂 I can't read this if its the main character 😂😂 I can't
FallenSnowflake FallenSnowflake Mar 05, 2013
Short, yet powerful beginning. I adore the introduction of your characters; totally cute. Keep it up.
Ally1D Ally1D Jan 20, 2013
Oh and i love your title!! Haha!! Basically the same for mine!!
Ally1D Ally1D Jan 20, 2013
Ooooo!! I love it so far!! Reading more right now!!  It would be so weird if it were me! I wouldn't stop laughing!!
iluvzyuhz iluvzyuhz Jan 01, 2013
@AllieWuvzAdrian awesome! thanks xD i hope that you like the rest of it as well :)