Percabeth -  Five years later

Percabeth - Five years later

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Grace, Boo, Crazy Author, Dexter. I have a lot of aliases :D By TheAmazingGracie Completed

Hi, This is my story to help me cope with waiting until October for the House of Hades. The war is over and the heroes are getting a bit if slack from the fates to be able to be a more normal. Percy and Annabeth have some big twists and turns ahead of them, and when you're a demigod nothing is straightforward. Follow them through the twists and turns of life in my story. The cover belongs to the fabulous Burdge-Bug, the plot and my OCs to me, and the canon Characters to Rick Riordan.  (Previously Percabeth Drabbles)

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I'm a cappuccino and @thehunterofthenight is a latte and @WriterofStories1 is a frappuccino lol
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solangelotppp solangelotppp Nov 12, 2017
It isn't as good as I would imagine... I wish all the campers just started cheering and screaming and idk like
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Hi! I’m looking for a co-writer for my novel of “Better  in bed”. If anyone could volunteer as a co-writer that would be great!
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He probs gonna break up with her, Geez ppl calm down, the author literally said she doesn't own the characters. Haven't u guys ever heard of a plot twist, just leave the author alone.