Assassin's Creed: Chronos #Wattys2015

Assassin's Creed: Chronos #Wattys2015

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TMWolf By TMWolf Updated Dec 22, 2016

She didn’t know why she was chosen, or if she was at all. She only knew she’d been
pulled through time to help a family involved in a war she’d never thought to exist, and that it was her only way back home. Most of all, though, she certainly didn’t expect the young man with whom her fate became inexplicably entwined. Ezio/OC Slowmance


I've been a fan of Assassin's Creed for a long time (not quite as long as Transformers), and I've always loved Ezio's games. I actually had this idea for a long time, but my previous Transformers fanfic and school took up all my time. Thanks to a friend, though, I have my inspiration, and expect this story to go places. For those who've read my other story, you're going to recognize the OC, and you've found me out: she's my go-to gall. I love using her in my fandoms, so if you enjoyed watching her grow in her first fic, I guarantee you'll love watching her in this one, too. 

This time around, though, she's facing something perhaps far more dangerous. Whether or not she makes it... well, only time will tell and you'll have to keep reading her newest adventure to find out!

As usual, if you see any mistakes, please let me know! Editing is never 100% full proof, so I appreciate the help. And don't be afraid to comment or share your opinion! I love hearing from you all and will do my best to reply to all your comments. :)

Updates will be whenever I finish a new chapter, so hopefully on a weekly bases!

And with that all said, enjoy Assassin's Creed: Chronos!

AwesomeWeirdPerson AwesomeWeirdPerson Jan 13, 2016
redvelvetts redvelvetts Jan 30, 2015
I've never played assassin's creed but anything written by you, I'll read! this already sounds so interesting, and I'm loving how catherine is coming back to this story. 
                              she'll probably be in more danger than in 'these paths we tread', huh? oh, boy. already things aren't sounding too good for cat!