G-Dragon's Manager [JiYong/GD fanfic]

G-Dragon's Manager [JiYong/GD fanfic]

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levythemage By levythemage Updated Mar 13

G-Dragon is the most popular kpop idol and AhYoung is assigned as his manager.

AhYoung finds out that G-Dragon is a total player and a pervert!

What will happen between them if they fall in love?

(Yup I suck at writing  descriptions xD but please read it I promise I'll try my best to make it amazing!!)

Pfffft don't compare my two babies like that 😡😡😡😡
Ughhhhh😂😂 haha but i will just continue reading this hahaha
Nour_TY Nour_TY Aug 19
xD Ammmm well i love both .. but .. like seriously ! .-. you can't compare GD to Tao . they're both good looking .. but .. it's GD ! :v
B**** please gd is the handsome-st person ever (just my opinion snd not saying it in a mean way )
Come on!
                              My mind is already battling between Jimin and GD [they look the same last year due to the color of their hair] but this.....olrayt~
GD best fix that attitude because I know where he keeps his hair dye 
                              Don't think I won't go there, JiYong
                              Cause I will