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The Dragon and The Princess [Nalu fanfic]

The Dragon and The Princess [Nalu fanfic]

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Pinky-San By Natsufire12 Updated Nov 22, 2015

Lucy Heartfilia, a 17 year old is the princess of Fiore. One day, in another kingdom, a 19 year old prince, Sting Eucliffe wants to marry Lucy by force. He has a 19 year old stepbrother, Rogue Cheney. Lucy doesn't want to marry Sting, she wants to find someone else who would be special to her. Lucy decided to run away, knowing that Sting and his stepbrother Rogue would come after her. Before she left, her mother, Layla Heartfilia told her that dragons were coming to protect their kingdom, in case someone was trying to overthrow them. Lucy understood and ran off, knowing that she might see dragons. Sting and Rogue did go after her. While Lucy was still on the run, she saw a bunch of dragons. She didn't want to waste her time knowing that Sting and Rogue could be right behind her. Then, a dragon, no a human, no a human dragon noticed her walking all alone and flew down to her. The dragons name was Natsu Dragneel. Did Lucy just meet the guy that meant everything to her? Read and find out! <<DISCLAIMER: I do not own Fairy Tail or the characters. The belong to they're creator, Hiro Mashima.>>

- - May 05
"I'm going to marry you by force! Which means you'll have to say yes!" Bitch if i don't murder you for thinking you can do that I'll murder you for thinking that I'm so incompetent to not comprehend the concept of a forced marriage.
NASHI99964 NASHI99964 Jul 02, 2016
club anime. for sure....  you really a lucky guy.. i hope my school will has a anime club to.... (it will be i my dream hehehe..)
this is decnet chapter,good job
                               what you think about haikyuu?
sillysue2 sillysue2 Mar 03, 2016
I love these 2 I have a slight obsession with Fairy Tail❤️❤️❤️
LetaHallmark LetaHallmark Oct 28, 2016
Omg!!! Forced marriage!!! Cause,  I mean, I didn't get it from all the other times that that was said!!!!
JonThePogeon JonThePogeon Jun 01, 2016
OMG I LUB DOS AMINES 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!