Panem High School {COMPLETED}

Panem High School {COMPLETED}

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Yes, this is so original, isn't it? But, I think mine might be a bit different. Well, as I've been writing my other fanfics (and going to high school myself) I've been thinking of great scenarios that won't work, because the stories aren't present time. So, I decided to be unoriginal for once and write this. 

Panem High School is a prestigious private school in the Capitol of the country of Panem. It's where all the best, brightest, and richest citizens send their children to school. None of them are as one dimensional as they seem on the surface. 

This story is written from multiple POVs (at the moment, Katniss, Peeta, Johanna, Cato, Clove, Gale, and Madge), so that's different from all the other "Hunger Games High" stories I've read. 

There is Clato (just wait for it, it isn't instantly), Gadge, and other ships, so hooray for all of you shippers!

I broke down and decided to enter this book in the 2015 Wattys too, so please read and vote, and most important of all: COMMENT so I can get better! Thank you so much for reading!

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I'd be in like Spanish 25000 (I'm Hispanic and everyone says that I'm Mexican but I'm COLOMBIAN!!! *Miranda Sings voice* Big differnts okay? Haters need to stop HATING AND STOP MAKING FUN OF MY LISSTICK!!!
I'm in Junior Thespians but drama ain't so bad... as long as you don't have to kiss anyone
Um, sixth grade age begins at 11.... also... bruh I go to a Catholic school and there's a 12 year old who's smoking and a 14 year old who got expelled for drug dealing on school property and he was smoking pot on school grounds
I'm in sixth grade and it easy as making Mac and cheese. Well.... except math.... math is a bitch
raindropluv raindropluv Jun 27, 2016
I had electives in 6-8th grade. I went to a specialty school tho
brightxnightmare brightxnightmare Nov 20, 2016
when you have the same schedule as Katniss everdeen