Shattered Glass [Book One]

Shattered Glass [Book One]

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Shattered Glass - Chapter One

I pulled my hood up over my head so that it cast a shadow down my face and pushed on.

Wasn't shit popping in the hood tonight, nothing was really going on that I was interested in participating in so I kept to myself. A few head nods was all I was giving out. I wasn't with the whole handshake shit, 'cause some niggas didn't wash their hands.

So whatever.

I was ready to sell the last lil' product I had so I could get back home and get a lil' nap in before I was right back on the block. The fact of the matter was, I ate, slept and breathed the hood. Shit, ninety percent of the income in my household was coming from those same blocks that had watched me fall on my ass a million times. If I didn't hustle then the family probably would have been evicted a long ass time ago. That was the truth. Moms knew it, my lil' sister Kasha knew it, and I damn sure knew it. I was putting in 22 hour days on the block everyday: no matter if it was raining, snowing or on...

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Just_VibeMa Just_VibeMa Oct 22, 2017
Anybody is a killer all you gotta do is push em to the limits ♪
Just_VibeMa Just_VibeMa Oct 22, 2017
Dont do my baby sir. 😐😐😐 I just started reading this but he'll be my lil boo ima claim him 😂😍
Just_VibeMa Just_VibeMa Oct 22, 2017
<---- that is why i would not be able to deal with working in the drug business because my face would have been just like my pfp. Who you dismissing like that bwoyyy
Mi_Amourrr Mi_Amourrr Apr 19, 2017
We had a candy lady ... She got arrested tho smh she was selling that hope and was trynna make bombs
PrincessSuggaa PrincessSuggaa Aug 07, 2017
That true calculus hard af & social studies dumb ta me 😂💯
Har_Lem Har_Lem May 29, 2016
Willow look like the character her father played in Shark Tale (Oscar) 😳😷