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My Monster

My Monster

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happyweird1 By happyweird1 Updated Nov 25, 2016

Livia is beautiful and innocent. She is forced to work two jobs to support her and her younger brother. What happens when Livia helps a wounded man who just so happens to be Titus Steele, the most ruthless gang leader in the US? And what happens when the cold, heartless, and completely gorgeous Titus becomes interested in the woman who saved his life. 

*Not a werewolf story*

#99 in Romance 7/4/16
#85 in Romance 7/14/16

graciousamisha graciousamisha Apr 23, 2016
well hello first i want to tell that it was superb.. i'll be waiting for more... 
                              with lots of love and wishes for ur new story 
                              god bless ,
casual- casual- Aug 28, 2016
kids if you spot a man with a bullet wound please take him to the hospital no matter how hot the man is. 
                              unlesd you're a doctor than in that case carry on
dlogesor dlogesor Jul 03, 2016
Every time I pronounce his name I hear the word "titties" instead
Dovestar145 Dovestar145 Jun 09, 2016
I like how innocent and sweet Livia is, cause most werewolf fanfics make the main character some badáss lady with way to much experience
Niki365 Niki365 Oct 19, 2016
Well you dont know why he was shot and who exactly titus is other than his first and last name and your really gonna leave him alone in your house ...u r too trusting
flawlessbluedragon flawlessbluedragon Jul 06, 2016
He looks OK..... but that's just me. If he's good looking to u, then so be it. I'm not complaining, it goes with his character. Good job!