The Wolf's Tattoo

The Wolf's Tattoo

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Shea W. By sheaswriting Updated Aug 17, 2015

"While all you girls are dreaming of vampires, I'll be dreaming of a half-naked werewolf." -Anonymous


I turn on my heels and shake my head at his outrageous demands. Who does this guy think he is? A stalker, that's who. 

Before I could get anywhere, his chest was pressed against my back and his arm was snaked around my waist, holding me in place and not letting me take another step. 

"Look," I began. "Let go of m-" 

"Don't fight me." he growls, the second person within the last few minutes to do that. His arm was pulling me tighter to him and it felt...good. His touch felt good, more than good. My knees started to go weak as I felt his head dip down to my neck, taking in a breath and placing his lips next to my ear. 

"I think you're staying here." he whispers. 

It was all happening so fast, too fast, and before I knew it I was nodding my head not knowing what came over me. Fear? Intimidation? I didn't know. 


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I think my favorite song of the highschool musical series is in the 2nd movie when Troy is singing on the golf course all grungy and shît wearing all black
This girls is me, minus the uggs cause I can't stand those. I love her
I thought I was the only one who got my cheese sliced instead of buying prepackaged
No he can’t bitch cuz he effing dies so every moment is precious with him
Wowiex Wowiex Jan 02
Give me therapy
                              I'm a walking travesty
                              But I smile through everything
                              You were never a friend to me
                              You can take back your misery
Luna1718 Luna1718 Feb 10
Honestly I stopped browsing stories when I saw this hunk of a man on the cover and I started hyperventilating