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The Real Slim Shady By Hug_Me_BrothaXD Updated Jun 06

Wonderwall: Someone you find yourself thinking about all the time, the person you are completely infatuated with. 
  They had nothing in common. 
 Peyton Knight lived a normal life of school and college. She had her best friends and good grades, that seemed enough for her. When she noticed two kids that were adopting by her neighbors, she soon met Kennedy Mason. 
Kennedy Mason is moody and quiet. Many assume it's from his unknown past- but Peyton refuses to treat him like a petty child, fighting with him more than anyone has ever had in his life. 
The problem comes when his happiness began to mean more to her than she anticipated. When she learns that Kennedy has some plans of his own, she is determined to stop him before he destroys himself
  Highest Ranking- 292 in Teen Fiction
 Note: it might appear light at the beginning but it will eventually get heavy, dark, and sexual 
  to just be aware

LoveBooksObviously LoveBooksObviously Apr 28, 2016
They're both weird XD I wonder why he doesn't like to speak;)  you did great in the description and I  guessing that there would be a lot of humour in it xD
Ady_dreams Ady_dreams May 06, 2016
It really caught my interest since the beginning. I lie how you decided to start with somewhere in the story that is not the beginning. It's well written and the dialogue is also good, I seriously can't say anything bad about this chapter and its o interesting. Great teaser!
- - Jan 28, 2016
I have a feeling that the next few chapters I'll read would be really great! It's only my opinion but, everything's perfect!
DevastatingTeardrops DevastatingTeardrops Jan 30, 2016
The strong and silent type! I like how it get's straight to the action and cuts off at just the right moment. I am slightly confused as to why she wants to get him to talk though... Overall, it's a great start and makes me want to read more.
grammatically grammatically Apr 23, 2016
Love this sneak peak! It nicely introduces the characters. She is really confident which I like because independent strong women are my kind of gals 👍👍
HookedOnBooks01 HookedOnBooks01 Apr 21, 2016
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