Who I am (Tony Stark's Daughter Book 1)

Who I am (Tony Stark's Daughter Book 1)

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Emily O. By racefunhorsess Completed

This is the beginning- Emily Andrews never gives up. 

When her mom dies suddenly, you may think her world has crashed down into the flames. So when she finds who her father is as her mother's last breath come through, what will she do? 

Will she look for him or abandon everything and find the men after her. The thing is... Her father is Tony Stark otherwise known as Ironman. The odd thing is... She already built her own suit.  

People are after her and her suits, and people are after the Avengers. Will they join forces or will she try and survive on her own in a world full of killing and lies.

This is the story of Emily Andrews Stark... lets dive right in and figure out who she really is and where she goes from here.

This book may contain the mature setting, but I've only set that for fighting scenes. The only thing in here is kisses, hugs and hand holding.

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Lol. Is it wrong if I just died laughing at the fact her mom died??...... Nah.
Wait, how long would she have been keeping that secret for??
You do know that the star on his arm represents the communist star
AbbyDoucet AbbyDoucet May 08
Lololilik I needa steal a charger brb I'm sitting in a bathroom for no reason lollll
'Person close to main character is dying, tells a big secret, then dies' cliché.
                              (I'm watching too much cinemasins)
Na ah!! My grandmother had cancer and she survived!! *pouty pout*