Ereri One-Shots

Ereri One-Shots

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The title says it all.

[Mostly AU's]
[Trigger Warning]

Disclaimer: I OWN THE STORY PLOTS. I DO NOT OWN SNK OR ITS CHARACTERS. THOSE BELONG TO HAJIME ISAYAMA. Also, none of the videos or fanart featured are mine, unless refuted.

Ereri one-shots, copyright that_epic_turtle (Tātorutaruto)

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Im a schizophrenic and that is not exactly how that works but ok
chunky_monkey2 chunky_monkey2 a day ago
Why would they use the defibrillator? That's to get someone's heart pumping again but Eren's heart is still going and he's still conscious, alive and talking
RubyReads18 RubyReads18 Aug 25
Everyone's saying stuff about Marco and I'm here like slow circles, huh? YOU SPIN ME RIGHT ROUND BABY, RIGHT ROUND!
I read this in class and everybody looked at me like i was crazy becouse i was crying T-T Even my teacher gave me the 'shes crazy' look
chunky_monkey2 chunky_monkey2 a day ago
I feel like I've learnt to read quite a lot of French simply from reading ereri fanfics
                              IM CRYING IN SCHOOL